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Samirag Travel offers a variety of packages for holidays and tours all over Egypt. Our packages comprise Diving in the Red Sea, Safari and Eco tours, etc. all are edited and tailored to conform to your expectations as individual or a group.

All tailored options provided for individual budgets, interests, concerns and timeframes.

All our tours are and always will be customized for you to join. You will feel and touch the red carpet quality of service. Egypt’s treasures are varied from the amazing treasure of the ancient civilization, the sun, Nile River, the magnificence of the Red Sea and its underwater world of corals.

"Egypt... is the mother land of the civilizations, with the oldest recorded and certified history of all time..."

The Ancient Egyptians (the pharaohs) had a wide knowledge and secrets most are still a secret to nowadays. They left millions of treasures. The Greeks came afterwards under the conquest of Alexander the Great to establish their powerful empire. They understood the importance of the strategic location of Egypt. Egypt considered an African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean country, then Romans left their relics here.
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We have designed a number of tours aimed at accommodating a variety of traveler needs. If you have a few days or a few weeks, if you long to see wonders of the ancient world or marvel at the underwater spectacle that is the Red Sea or both!
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Obviously it is not within the scope of any internet site to cover those centuries, with great detail, nevertheless. We are the most informative guide to Egypt on the World Wide Web, has given the correct guidance and information provided by this site...
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