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Dress Code
Wearing revealing cloth around most places in Egypt is not recommended at all. Make it conservative is preferable. People in rural areas are not used to seeing a lot of skin even with men; please cover up unless you are on the beach in a recreational resort like Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurgada.

Archeological Sites
Do have a tour guide while exploring archeological site, as getting lost is not funny.
Wear a hat or scarf and don't forget your sun screen when you are visiting in the summer.
Don't touch or climb the artifacts and monuments that may damage them.
Follow the rules of taking photographs and ask your guide if it's preferable to take photos as the flash from your camera could cause damage to the monuments.

Public Transportation
For the ladies, you can sit next to the other woman and when riding the subway, get on the cars assigned for ladies only, as other cars may be too crowded.
Use the white taxi with the meter. Or the black one but bargain the amount of money you will have to pay before your hop in. Avoid the overcrowded buses, not comfortable at all.

Be ready for the undesirable attention if you are travelling alone. If you just ignore the whistling and hissing you may encounter, there shouldn't be any problems.
Acting too friendly could be misunderstood. Be street wise and skip the dark alleys. Do ignore the strangers talk!

Feel free walking holding hands or crossing hands, but same sex couples are more discrete as homosexuality is less accepted as in the western culture.
Hugging and kissing in public could cause problems. Same sex Egyptians walking holding hands is a sign of friendship not more.

Entering Mosques
Do cover your hair in a mosque, at the entrance scarves are provided. Wear decent clothes, no hot shorts, covering legs and arms even for men. Take off your shoes or wear a shoe covers, also provided at the mosques' entrance. Respect the sacred places; smoking, drinking any intimate behavior is not tolerated.
Don't get inside a mosque during the time of prayers.

On beach, after surveying the surroundings, you can wear swimming suits. The strong Egyptian sun shine is not merciful at some times so don't forget your sunscreen.
Avoid swimming in black flagged areas as water is too rough. Especially in the North Coast of Egypt.

Snorkeling and Diving
Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion. Follow your guide instructions. Bring underwater camera. It is not good to miss photographing the underwater life down there.
Don't touch fishes maybe it's toxic. Preserve the coral, save the environment. Avoid drinking before you go diving. Don't feed the fish and don't fish.

Accompany a guide when it comes to the off-beaten track. Read a lot about wherever you go. The desert is The desert here is immense.

Exchange your money in banks or exchange bureaus. Keep a good amount of changes, helpful in tipping and bargaining situations. Tip when you are satisfied with the service. Credit cards are accepted in most of the places and that helps you not to carry a lot of money. Avoid the carrying flashy wallets in the crowded areas.

Have a lot of films as possible and memory cards, Avoid taking photos of military areas, embassies, bridges, embassies, and Metro stations. Turn off the flash in the monumental areas; don’t take photos of people without asking for permission.

Have your international driver's license when driving. Follow the safety rules while driving. Don't be risky. Obey the policeman instructions. Don't exceed the speed limit. Avoid driving side by side with the diplomatic convoys.

You may bring in modest amounts of anything for personal use, except, obviously, illicit drugs, weapons and items of an obscene or subversive nature. Up to one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes and a reasonable quantity of perfume is permitted. In addition, you may purchase one liter of alcohol upon arrival at Cairo International Airport Duty free shop and another 3 liters along with 3 packs of cigarettes within 48 hours from any of the duty free shops around Cairo. Duty Free Shops upon departure offer shoppers a reasonable range of spirits, cigarettes, perfumes and gifts. Alcohols and cigarettes are cheaper than all European Duty Free prices.
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